CEBELIUS: Since the surgery life has proceeded. That seems terribly trite, but there it is. The short version of the long story is that Wyla’s surgery went well and she is well on the way to a complete recovery. At this point the only thing she can’t yet confidently do is wear a motorcycle helmet.

DT has had her hands full with life of late, and told us honestly that she couldn’t continue to work on the comic the way things are. We still talk, and she’s fine (we’ll try and get her to update here and let y’all know personally that she’s all right.)

As for me… well, I have two jobs, and haven’t done a creative thing that didn’t involve a table saw or pliers in several months.

Right now, pending some change in fortunes, the comic, as many of you have guessed, is dead. I have made promises to some of the fans that I will, time permitting, begin transcribing the rest of the story in novel format. I can give no honest and reasonable timeline for that, see the aforementioned two jobs. I am many things, but foremost among them is practical. The support received by you over the years has been gratifying in the extreme.

There’s a possibility of another, non-furry comic project taking off sometime this year, but details on that right now aren’t appropriate as it’s far from a certain thing. If it does get off the ground I’ll notify here and elsewhere. All I feel comfortable saying now is that it will be grittier, and concerned with the human condition. I have enjoyed working on BtV and had things turned out differently this comic might have been viable. But it was valuable, and a good lesson, and as I mentioned I will seek to bring it to conclusion, though not in a graphic format.

Take care.


WYLA: Hopefully y’all like my rendition of Nikki and accept it an an apology of sorts for the radio silence..! It’s been almost eight months now and time has slipped by so, so quickly.

First off a HUGE thank you for all the well wishes. ♥ The surgery went as well as it could have and healing is doing the same. It, uh, wasn’t a pretty time. Being wired shut for a month sucked, the swelling sucked, being on a liquid diet sucked, nerve damage sucks and having to still be extremely careful about how hard the food I eat is also sucks BUT I am extremely blessed to have healed well and with such good results. The scarring goes from my left ear to just past my chin along the jawline but even that isn’t too bad as far as things go for this type of operation! The new bone is growing in nicely and another x-ray will be taken in August to check in on it, and at that point my surgeon will discuss implants to replace the teeth they took. (Not being able to chew at all on that side is getting a little old.)

Art-wise things have been slow but that in itself is also kind of a good thing. It’s given me the time to sit back and work on a few personal projects and learn new things. I miss the comic a lot but, as Ceb mentioned above, I don’t think any of us have the time for it right now. DT is an absolute star and continues to juggle a busy lifestyle that I’m sure would knock me and most others flat in five minutes if we tried a day in her shoes. We’ll be sure to edit in any words from her into this post once we get them!

Much love and gratitude for all the support you people have given us over the years.