Well slap me twice baby jesus cuz I do believe we’ve reached the end of the chapter!! And what a better way to end it then on the 4th of July here in the U.S. then with an explosion?!?!? Woot! 😀

But….dammit where are Wy’s pretty colors? Well kids, she and the big boss are currently at Anthro Con ( be sure to say hi ), so it’s just line work today. It’s been a busy week at the animal hospital I work at – a lot of holiday boarders, so I didn’t get around to drawing this page til later, sorry about that ^^;  I just noodled around so it wouldn’t look AS boring in the meantime, but once she’s back and rested, I promise there will be a page completed and gorgeous once she gets a hold of it. Personally I can’t wait. See what happens when you get spoiled doing only lines? Your big badda boom ends up looking like a giant piece of popcorn! LMAO Weeee’re in color!

Oh! One more thing, since I haven’t had a chance to really participate in the forums and/or comments section below, I want to take this opportunity now to say how pleased I am for the feedback you kids have been giving. It’s awesome to see our little following grow and get more involved inch by inch. So please accept my genuine thank you from the bottom of my crooked little heart!

Have a great 4th everyone!! See ya kids next week!

Yes, I said it. I meant it. There’s a treat coming your way and you can expect it by…..next….flippin’….week! *exaggerated gasp*



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