I travel alot, and was rather surprised when I first got asked, recently, “Do you want to do this in a private area?”, in regards to the pat-down thing.  I mean, I understand some people are kinda sensitive about personal space and public displays of physical contact, but jeez!   Come on, its regulation, people!  Suck it up!  >.O

Btw, I not only have that hat and outfit, but have worn it through TSA checkpoints numerous times.  ^_^  …And I’m never surprised when they pull me to the side for double-screening me.  :p

Incidentally, I just got back from my trip to Cali, and gonna need the day off to gather myself from the travel fatigue.  Comic will be updated as per usual next week, so no worries there.  But I wanted to at least make sure that despite not being able to post TODAY, that I still mighta made you smile for dropping by.  I appreciate it. :3

Can you tell I drew this on the plane, flying back?  XD