For refrence, get your cat spayed/nutered as soon as you get them.  Especially female cats.   The REALLY messed up thing is that I came home from Cali on the 3d of this month, to this same cat locked in the bathroom comming off of a prior stint of heat, that still lasted till the 5th!  A WEEK AND A HALF LATER, she’s showing us her vag, and damn-near beggin’ for SOMETHING to be stuck in it!  XO   Back in the bathroom she goes. x_x   And let it be known, this is the LAST month we’re going without gettin’ that cat’s ovaries removed!  THEY SHALL BE MOUNTED ON OUR MANTLE, by God and the whole of Creation!  >=E

Sorry for the non-cannon post, its been a nutty weekend with our cat’s gully catchin’ on fire.  Xp  Regular posting resumes as of this Thursday, barring something equally nutty.