Its not funny, Wall of text, and a minimum of pretty art.   As the goofy sumbitch who’s supposed to make the pretty pictures, you have my apologies, as I’m not much a graphic designer and I’m working on my compositional skills.  It also doesnt help that I’ve been traveling since 2 weekends ago, before FWA, and now I’m in California until the 8th.   At this juncture, and considering the once-weekly posting, its kinda necessary to push the story along.  

Regardless, though, you have my appologies, and I’ll be working hard to keep the visual standards of this comic high.   Right now,  I just wanna get home and make this project shine with no interruptions between now and Anthrocon.

*bows deeply* Thank you for poping over, here.  I’ll see you again, next Monday. :3