Another week done decently well, but its lookin’ like we’re already settin’ up to do a filler for next monday: Ceb and I’re heading to A-Kon in Dallas, TX, to work during the day all responsible-like and have an irresponsible amount of fun in the evenings.  If you’re going, expect to see us there. 😀

Furthermore, I would like to thank both Gaddas And Lupiswolfe for donating as much as they have to help – amongst other portions –  get this comic off the ground and prove that without even having a product to materially sell, this project can be incredibly profitable (in one month, total donations exceeded 300$! O.O).  You’re doing so much to give me hope that I might actually be able to make a career out of this, guys.  *bows deeply* Thank you so much.  I’ll keep on doin’ my best to kick ass for your entertainment. <3