Glad I spent a bit more time on this than I planned. 

You ever draw a face so pretty that it makes you blush WHILE YOU’RE WORKING ON IT?!?! XD … I think thats how you know you’ve got a winner on your hands.  ^_^

Well, that wraps up this story arc!  As for this upcomming week, we’ll be doing something a little special lined up for you.  Every comic has to have a cover, and THIS one I”ve been wanting to do for a good long while now.  So in lieu of continuing the regular 2x/week posting rate for monday, the plan as Ceb and I’ve talked about it is to do a nice blingy big damn colored page for you on Friday.  One that should at least impress, if not outright knock your socks off!  Gonna be introducing a real looker on that page, and I’ve been whettin’ my chapps FROM THE BEGINING OF THIS COMIC’S INCEPTION about getting the impact right… lets see how you bunch like it. :3

For Monday’s post though, that’ll be a teaser of the sketch prelims for the Nikki donation wallpaper that should be finished in September, or thereabouts. It aint free to live in America, and all the support this comic gets will help to assure that it stays on the air.  Cebelius is a cold-hearted bastard, and if this project doesnt bring in enough dosh, he’ll put me out on the street! o.O  HALP ME!  Its hard to art in the rain! ;_;  And there’s BEARS outside! XD

*sniggers*  I kid, but the former point is quite true: Come the end of January (the anniversary of BTV’s launch), the plan is that we’ll have enough content here that you’ll like what we’re doing, and might help in seeing this project of ours grow.  But if not, the whole thing will have basically been a fun experiment and we’ll have to wrap things up. My balls (and future!) are on the line here, so I’m hoping I might be able to wow you bunch enough that such will never happen. 

So for now, more good content to come as the weeks pass!  As far as the rest of August, it should be 2x posts for the rest of the month after this week until the first week of September, or so.  Then the way Ceb and I’ve discussed it is 1/week posts until Nikki and Zak’s wallpapers both are completed.  We’ll see how that goes. I hope to impress you with this week epsecially, though!  ^_^

Have a great weekend!