Oookay, back on track.

I’m in Raleigh this week teaching a class but will be home next week thank Gawd. I miss my woman.

Speaking of my woman, she’s done an absolutely staggering job on the color for this page and because we’ve had this disruption over the past few weeks I figure I’ll make it up to the audience by giving y’all a treat.

As you know if you’ve been paying attention, all the pages for BtV are done in full shaded color. We post grayscale because we eventually would like to bring the comic to print and want to have a compelling reason for y’all to help us keep in new shoes and buy our product.

If it works for drug dealers perhaps it’ll work for us. If you’d like to see the bounty hunter in full color go vote!

DT sends her love to all of you for being so patient and says she’s back on target, so here’s to looking forward to more great art on BtV!