Here ends the chapter. I shall soon be moving back from Kuwait to the states, though whether that move is permanent remains to be seen. Regardless I shall take the time to enjoy myself heartily. There’s is much disc golf to be played.

In other news, I saw the Hobbit and while having recently read the book I noted several deviations, most of them were harmless and quickly resolved themselves to the main storyline which preserves the essence of the narrative very well. There were a few moments of Peter Jackson camp though that caused a skyward glance. One thing I did heartily approve of was that some of the songs were preserved, but my FAVORITE song was not. I link it here, because I can:

As always, be sure to vote for us! DT, Wyla and I are considering attending ESG this year in Vegas. Whether we make it or not also remains to be seen. Take care, and keep the faith.