Okay Sparky, here’s the deal.

I realize not only is the post late, but it’s simple. We have our reasons. The first is that for the last month or so one or more of us has been out of commission and not always the same one.

Much of this is my fault, but we’ll skip that because well, I’m writing the blog.

We recently attended ESG in Vegas, all three of us. That was last weekend and believe me, it was interesting in so many ways.

A few weeks before THAT, Wyla and I went camping together in Zion National Park. Being from Texas I had no idea when we were preparing for the trip that I should check the elevation above sea level this park hangs out at. To make a long story short, it was a LITTLE bit cooler than either Wyla or I had prepared for. To explain the comic: on our trip to Bryce we went even higher, and I had taken two pair of socks because the boots I was wearing pretty much require them on longer hikes. I hadn’t had time to put the second pair on before we left because well, the cold had made us a bit reluctant to get out of our sleeping bags.

When I saw Wyla blowing into her cupped hands to keep them warm… my first response was NOT, “Gee I should give her this extra pair of socks I’ve been wearing like little redneck mittens to keep my hands warm.”

It was somewhere around my third thought, but by then she had already decided that my being an insensitive prick deserved a memorial.

There may be a few more of these little bit comics coming in here in the next few weeks by way of apology for falling behind and because this was NOT the only amusing moment to be had during our trips. I may also upload a parody we did while in Vegas of the little porn cards those of you who have been out on the strip are so familiar with. (They’re pushed on you regardless of whether or not your girl/boy/other is on your arm, thus opening up the potential for a shattering of domestic tranquility at virtually every intersection from MGM to the Venetian.)

I may have to consult with Wyla and DT on that, because due to the nature of the material it parodies, it is a bit racy. We shall see!