Now that my Ed moment is out of the way… Behold. The comic you actually come here to have a gander at returns.

All of us are done with our respective vacations and though I am surrounded by chaos the comic goes on. When I say surrounded by chaos, I’m not making it up either. Right now I’m homeless. So I’m living with friends and my godchildren. (so yes, GOOD friends) One of my godchildren is 16 and the other is 14. The 14 year old is a girl. There is huge drama going on with BOTH children at the moment, the details of which are not mine to divulge suffice it to say it’s placed the family under immense pressure.

Then the wife finds out she’s pregnant.

Did I mention she’s an accountant and he’s a police officer?

Gets better and better doesn’t it?

I just do my best to stay the hell out of the way. I started the paperwork on a house so hopefully that’ll close quickly and I can get the duck out of fodge. Will be nice to sleep in my own place again, even if initially I’m sleeping on the floor with no power/water/refrigerator/food. At least it’ll be quiet.

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