There is a very good reason soft, comfortable folk pay contractors millions every year to do their work around the house. It’s hard.

I set my mind to redoing several aspects of my house and the first thing that needs doing is taking the popcorn ceiling paint coat down so I can put up something less obnoxiously dusty. It took me three days of after-work work just to get the crap out of the master bath and bedroom, my neck is killing me, my arms go above my head reluctantly at best, and I won’t even contemplate the mess I have to clean up later today.

I love the feeling of accomplishment. The feeling of being soaked to the bone with sweat and covered with paint dust not so much. Oh well, such is life. Plans to purchase the other house fell through because (long story short) the banks don’t like newly minted business owners, which I am. I should have bought the house while I was still a W-2, but live and learn right? In two years when I have an established money-making history, I can go for it again. In the meantime I’m stuck sprucing up the house I already own, which has been rented out for the past 5 years and is thus a wreck.

Next page is pretty self-explanatory. Turns out Nail has a hobby. And before anyone asks no, he doesn’t carve effigies of all the people he’s killed. That’s just creepy.

If you like our comic, as always, I say VOTE! Will talk with my artists about what they’d like to put up as a new incentive so check back for that!

As well there’s a project in the works to put something together we hope you’ll find purchase worthy. Thus far this has been a labor of love, but we’d really prefer it if Beyond the Veil eventually becomes a self-supporting project. More on that later but for now I’ll give you just this hint, Beowulf is involved. (and I flog him mercilessly for his procrastinating ways!)