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Not much going on this week outside of class for me, last week was fairly fun though. To make a long story very very short, I proposed to Wyla and she agreed to marry me. No smiley face icon could really capture the goofy grin I’ve had on my face since then. I’ll keep the mushy details out of the blog because quite frankly I’m not a big fan of sharing the private stuff. The amusing stuff though I shall freely share. There’s no date set yet because Wyla is from England and marrying a dam ferner requires HEAPS of paperwork. It’s official, romance is dead sayeth Uncle Sam. As well I took her somewhere special to ask the question because doing it in line at the Panera bread just didn’t seem like it would work as intended.

“What are you having hun?”
‘Oh, I was thinking of having the Mediterranean salad.’
*takes the knee* “Why not have me instead? For the rest of your life?”


I just didn’t think it would go well, call me crazy.

So I took her somewhere special and while we were there we decided to board the dog. The dog is a Czech Wofldog and in order to board the dog we had some options. We could kennel him, we could put him with his vet for a few days, or we could go with a dog sitter. It was a fairly short notice affair so one of the dog sitters who looked promising wasn’t available but the other agreed to do a visit to see about suitability. Now, this dog sitter has two dogs of her own, and both of them were massive.

How massive? One was an Anatolian Shepherd / Irish Wolfhound mix and the OTHER was an Irish Wolfhound / Great Pyrenees mix. So whoever bred these dogs threw the phrase MASSIVE DOG (in caps) in a biological blender and hit purée. So if you’ve been following along and thought “Wow that Czech is a big dog…” No. Not by comparison anyway. He THINKS he’s a big dog on the way to this chick’s house… he’s about to receive private lessons in BIG.

We took the dog as I mentioned and when we arrived Hrafn pulled the big dog thing for about… oh…. three minutes. But when you start developing a crick in your neck tilting your head up to show your teeth I suppose even in a dog’s brain that registers as a silly thing to do after a while. After that the dogs mostly got along and Hrafn went back to what he does best, trying to steal food from anywhere and everywhere when the people aren’t paying attention.

The sitter also had a cat, and this cat was raised with dogs, so those of you who are familiar with that understand what I mean when I say this cat thought he was a dog. Because the owner gives the cat pride of place, the cat (believe it or not) was also at the top of the pecking order at this house. The cat (after the snarling was over) decided to try and assert dominance on Hrafn and this may very well have been what saved Hrafn from humiliation entire because he looked at this cat with come curiosity, and checked the size of his mouth on the cat (easy fit) before the cat was put away for most of the duration.

There were some other issues which would be inappropriate to mention with regard to the dog sitter that caused us not to go with her as an option but those dogs were awesome in the classic, “Oh my frickin’ GAWD those are big dogs” awesome. Taught Hraf a lot about life. In the end we boarded him at the vet’s which turned out to work just fine. He’s current on all his vaccinations and the vet we use is really good so all worked out well.

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