This will be my last mainstream comic post as a single human being.

I regret nothing.

Hey folks, comic is rolling right along. I have been trying to convince DT and Wyla that they make an excellent team and while they accept my compliments I see doubts lingering, so I’m going to surprise them both by making an offer on their behalf (and yes, I risk much here so appreciate my possible sacrifice), so if you’ve ever been interested in getting an image done by BOTH these lovely ladies, tune in and listen up.

*I* am offering a one character full body portrait, clothing of your choice (subject to a sanity check) or none if that’s what you’re looking for, anthro OR human. Here’s the deal though Sparky, it’s 150 bucks, half for each artist. DT will be doing the sketch and lines and Wyla will do color and shading, just like the comic is done. You saw what they can do to Briggs (I note the poor man wasn’t happy to pose but didn’t complain overmuch about the results.) So if you’re curious as to what they can do for your character put together your offer and submit it to ME at:

I want reference and a description. Simple backgrounds or none and remember, anthro OR human. Ever wanted to get that friend of yours a portrait done by folks with some real skill? Now’s your chance. Once I’ve selected (with the artists help of course) the submission I will notify that person and they will have a completed piece within 7 days of payment.

And as always, VOTE!