There will be a new incentive posted on the first, so if you’d like to see it get us your votes! The post will go live when the month ticks over. We’d like to get a strong start and stay in the public view, and quite frankly the new incentive is one of the best character portraits I’ve ever seen DT produce, and she works for me (so I’ve seen a lot!)

Be sure to vote on and after the first!



Or something along those lines.

I got nothing folks. Between immigration, married life, the wedding, the DMV, dogs, and mead-making I’ve been a busy man.

I will say though that this month has been hell on wheels for voting and we’ve held a place far above last month’s with regard to those of you who’ve shown us love. If you’ve been voting regularly THANK YOU! Let us know in the comments if there are things we could do to show our appreciation!