Still in holiday mode, the page we put up early as incentive is now out to the general public. Those of you who vote for us have seen it. Those who haven’t, now’s your chance.

The new year has started off with a bit of a whimper more than a bang. A brief foray out to see my grandfolk and mother ended early with a severe allergic reaction to something which cost me two nights of sleep. Nevertheless, I managed (rather heroically) to make the seventeen and a half hour drive back home with two large dogs, my wife, and three tanks of gas in one go. I think after the first ten hours of any given drive it’s an automatic point per hour on the man-card, giving me a good stock up on machismo running into the new year.

Our story could run more swiftly perhaps. Those of you who’ve stuck with us know we’ve been making those efforts for quite a long time now. Unfortunately perhaps we have been afloat in a veritable sea of difficulties. Surmounted them all I might add, but it has kept the pace down, which is not to any of our likings.

Nevertheless, we do intend to continue to bring the highest possible quality to your screen on as regular a basis as we can manage. I thank you all for enjoying this journey with us.

Happy New Year, and from all of us the best of luck in the coming days and months.