A few things this time round; one, we’re doing a little something special for the incentive.

It’ll go up tomorrow (the first) and run all month. It’s a Valentine special, just a weeee bit steamy. For those of you who enjoy steamy and want to help out with the comic, a donation of five or more will net you an explicit version of the Valentine incentive. Just so we’re clear, this is a not for kids version, so be aware and if you’re just making a donation out of the good of your heart, specify that in the paypal comments! The donation button is on the page just to the left of this screed, so check out the incentive and if you’re so inclined, get the explicit version of it for yourself this month!

Other than that, welcome into the weirdly spelt month of February. I have an appointment later today with customs to get into the federal fast pass program, thus skipping the security lines at the airports. As much travel as I do for my job, this will save me HOURS… DAYS of standing in line, taking off and putting on my shoes, ugh. Who says there’s no such thing as a time machine? After I get this done today the airport will regress to the mid 1980’s! Wooo!

As for the comic, it’s clear that no one in the crew was raised on Scooby Doo. It’s a shame. We can only blame what may (or may not follow) on the lack of quality children’s programming in the far flung future.

Remember to have a look at the incentive, donate if you’re feeling frisky, and thanks as always for supporting Beyond the Veil!