Bwuh.  Blame it on my birthday, the late post.  Blame it on ME, but my birthday, too.  XD

Been tinkerin’ with styles that I can crack out at a respectable rate, and I’m liking how the traditional lineart feels… but I’m still not sure its faster than the digital.

Either way, for the next few weeks leading into April I’m gonna need to keep the once-weekly posting schedule and the lack of colration the way it is.  Prepping for FWA is one thing, taking care of some health-oriented necessities and vehicle maintenance another, and a flight after the con to Cali… Needless to say, I’ma be damned blasted busy for awhile… And keeping this level of detail as it is… I’ll need to amp up my speed for sure, but I’m not sure how long that will take to gear up that I can get back to color and still have time to chill, occasionally. 

In any case, we’ll see.  Thanks for waiting.  Onward. :3