The dreaded word. Allow me to explain.

As some of you may know or have guessed, Wyla is my wife. Recently it was discovered while preparing for a wisdom tooth removal that much more serious surgery would be required. I won’t go into graphic detail, suffice it to say that about 1/3 of her jaw will have to be removed. They’ll be replacing it, and in the end no one who isn’t staring at the underside of her jawline will be able to tell that anything happened. However between now and the end are several months of not the end.

Dream-Taker has been having issues of her own that I don’t feel it’s my business to go into with the general public. If she wants to add her own bit here to let you know then that’ll be forthcoming.

So for now, the comic will have to re-enter that tragic limbo, haitus. As it has been since the beginning, this is a labor of love rather than money (though let’s face it, someday we’d like to make some of that too), and since NONE of the three of us has time for it right now; real life must take the driver’s seat.

Our plans going forward do involve getting back to this, and while the comic is away there’s no guarantee that we won’t update with some tasty arts from time to time. I will talk to DT about getting a buffer going in the meanwhile, but my priority is my wife, and her priority for the next few months will be on recovery, and DT will hopefully have patience with both of us. 😛

I hope you also will have patience. Drop in from time to time. I do not plan to go quietly into that good night whence so many other comics have gone. Thank you all so much for enjoying this work of art with us, may we be able in future to bring you more.