Me: ……

Briggs: ……

Me: ……

Briggs: ….Can…can you stop gawking, please?

Me: ……

Briggs: *frowns* DT!

Me: Wha?! *snaps out of it*

Briggs: *brow still low* It’s not like you haven’t seen her already when you drew her like…like this.

Me: Pssh, are you complaining?

Briggs: …..

Me: Yeah, thought so. Shut your face, stud.

Briggs: *lip slightly curls* The way your eyes are drooling over her is a little irritating…

Me: *eyes back on Haley, shrugs* What c’n I say? As an artist isn’t one allowed to step back and…admire their own work?

Briggs: *proceeds to eye Haley as well*

Me: *smirks and nudges him* There ya go, starfox. We can all share, right?

Briggs: *Finally cracks a grin* Actually….who said I had too? *walks off and grabs Haley, both exiting stage right*

Me: Aww….AWWWWW!! *throws hands in the air* What happened to the spirit of giving?!


Ahem. So here is this year’s Holiday Cheesecake! ‘Ju like? I hope so. To be honest I drew this image a long while back, but never finished coloring. It was always one of my favorites of Haley. Of course now with our lovely Wy in the mix, she can see to it that that never happens again. I think she did a fantastic job! 😀 *applause and whistles*

A little update.

I recently started a new job. Again. The former animal hospital I worked for unfortunately hadn’t changed much since the first time I was employed there and although things looked promising when they asked me to return, things actually ended up getting much worse. I’m old enough and have worked enough to know when I’m on a sinking ship and this one was going under fast – though others I worked with were in denial. I started applying to other practices and thankfully a place hired me on the spot! I get paid better then before with room to advance within. I like it. It’s very fast paced and the training is intense. A good intense. However, it leaves one exhausted at the end of a shift and with the holidays occurring, finding a little extra time and energy to complete high quality work is a little rough. I actually don’t care too much for the last 2 pages I did (not Wy’s work, my layouts and lines entirely) but I did what had to be done. The current/next page that was to be posted? Yeah, I couldn’t even recognize character’s faces, my quality was just not up to par. So here’s some holiday cheer in the meantime while I get my shitaki together and adjusted to my new schedule and continue to bring to you fine folk the decent quality I normally offer! I hope you kiddos can understand that. Next update will be on time and the story will move forward with more action and suspense guaranteed!!

Thanks for those of you reading and voting! Happy Holidays kids!!!

<3 – DT