When crap goes awry what can you do, but just hope for the best. If you happen to run into Lady Luck, do us a favor and send her our way for a change. I know it seems like it’s just one thing after another that keeps holding back this comic since…well yeah, it’s exactly as it seems, but dammit we’re gonna make this happen! I wanna apologize, thank, and kiss and hug every one of those still here to read and enjoy the comic. We were so stoked about uploading again that I PLEADED with Ceb to fix the categories, spruce up the site, make it glisten and shine for our audience! And what did my poor whittle genius do? Broke the site for a bit. Our categories? Um…probably worse off than before, LOL. I can’t complain, in fact, I’m not – I just draw pretty pictures. Half the time when talking to the man we are on different pages. We eventually click of course, and I think that’s because it only takes us a moment to stop, blink, and then remind ourselves that we trust the other to get his/her job done. Although sometimes…our adventures go a little more like this *points at the image above* Meh, it’s fun to watch sometimes *smirks*

Well kids, that’s about it for now. New upload next friday! (and that’s another issue we ran into last week now that I think about it…the page size didn’t fit the format…I’m not even sure we got that resolved….*stops to think about it, then walks off yelling* Um, CEB?!?!)