(at the hands of one or other of the artists)

Also posting bleary-eyed and a bit green around the gills. Drunk you say? Nay nay says I. I also ask when was the last time you saw the word gnarly used in a sentence much less lyrically?

No… sad to say it, I’ve no excuse for the late posting other than “I completely forgot it was THAT Friday.” I’m flying out to Denver a little later today to teach a class and spent yesterday DM’ing a hunter’s hunted style Champions game. I was wrapped in the end of a class and the beginning of game prep on Friday and the comic completely skipped my mind.



Inexhaustible supply of words that start with ‘in’ and ‘un’ and mean approximately the same thing!


Now wait… wait wait… I don’t think THAT word means what you think it means.

Much love folks and many apologies.