So the holidays are around the flippin’ corner. It’s more depressing then it is humorous how the years seem to go by quicker the older you get.

And I’m feeling hella’ old.

Ahem, so these past couple months have been interesting. Oh yes, very much so. I’ve started a new job recently, which is actually my old job, they just happened to ask for me back (I had quit a little over a year ago). So that’s taken sometime to adjust. For a little while I was working two jobs as I was transitioning to the one. No sooner had I finally begun to settle and adjust to my new work schedule, both at the animal hospital (my new/old job :P) and when it comes to illustrating, had I been asked to take the role of wedding designer/planner/photographer for a wedding that would be taking place….exactly a month later. I designed the invites, the layout, and everything in between with not only a limited time line, but a very, very, I do mean very, limited budget. To add some sprinkles at the top of this….’ice cream’ mountain (aka poop pile) before the wedding announcement I had just released an ad for one of our horses to be leased. I was getting calls and emails left and right, interviewing folk, etc., hoping to find a good fit. Well…we did…sort of. I’ll spare you kids the details.

So, in a nutshell, I’ve been a wee bit on the busy side of things and instead of playing so close to the deadline, I asked Ceb if we could do a filler for this week, giving me time to play catch up. The wedding is next weekend….which, time for more sprinkles, happens to be on my birthday *shrugs* go fig. Once all that is squared away, I can have my own life back and continue on doing art for the story. Til then, I figured since I’ve gotten requests here and there time and again about a certain fox getting some time in the pin up spotlight, I’d do just that. Briggs however…is less then thrilled. With Haley’s help (maybe even Nail’s) I’m sure it’ll be easy enough to, err, persuade him to pose nicely for the camera 😀  I can only hope everyone else is just as excited as I am. I’m sure once he realizes how tastefully done it’ll be, the thought of vulnerability and humiliation will totally pop outta his fuzzy little head.

Thanks for all your comments and keep on voting!!


~ Dream


Briggs Teaser

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