DT wasn’t kidding when she said that there would be another update within a week! 😉

So what’s going on? Well! We’re moving on to Chapter 8 which focuses on the older characters; Asta, Bul’wyf, Archer, Ben and co. This is a really exciting time for us as it means DreamTaker gets to re-imagine the old cast in her style, giving them a polish up whilst still making sure they are the characters you guys know and love. She and I decided that best way to go about this was to create a model sheet for each of them as it not only helps us tweak a design down to the fine details, but also gives us a point of reference for any future drawings. Plus we’re posting them all here, so you’re gonna be getting a character sheet every week. Whoot!

Our aim is to complete all of these within 4 – 6 weeks, during which DT is also going to be building up a few buffer pages for the next chapter. This means that once we’re back to posting comic pages we will – fingers crossed – be able to start posting more regularly! It’s a win win situation all round, methinks. n_~

First up we have General Hayman. You may recognize him from such places as ‘to the left of the comic.’