I go by Dream Taker, (though most just call me Dream ^^). I’m not really much of an artist, I just like drawing squiggly lines on digital paper now and again….or when Ceb tells me too. Gotta love ’em deadlines!

I’m a nerd for comics, grew up with them all my life, and I can thank my father for that. I went to an art school, dropped out, went back again, transferred, then had to quit. Along that agonizing journey I picked up a few tricks of the trade. Though…in my opinion, I’m bit rusty at it, heh. Every day, every image, every page, I’m learning something new. Sometimes I like it, although most times I wanna find a baby bird and drown it in the toilet. But Ceb seems to have faith in me and hopefully so do those of you enjoying the comic. At least, that’s what I’m hoping for.

I am an addict for music, Dr. Pepper, and things with fangs. While doing this comic, I get all three! :3 The day Ceb asked me to take up the torch for the series I was not only squealing like a little girl, but was honored and I gladly accepted the invite. Now, here I am dreaming that one day when Ceb and I are sitting side by side at our very own table during a convention, people will come up and want to meet the creators of a world they are thrilled to dive into and have become a part of.

So here’s hoping to meet you guys soon 😉

– Dream