I am Cebelius, writing on the advice of my artist. She insists that we give the people who’ve chosen to invest their time in our comic a little more than a pair of handles. I couldn’t come up with more than laziness as a legitimate excuse to not comply, so here goes.

This is the first comic that I’ve worked on, but not the first story. I’ve been writing essentially all my life. Storytelling is a passion of mine and ever since I was read the Just-So stories, the Jungle Book, and Treasure Island as a child I’ve had a fascination with what makes a good story.

If you’re here for the pretty pictures, you’ve fallen right into my trap. Comicry relies on a story, but more than that it’s a vehicle for the artist to bring his or her imagination to the viewer in a way that the audience can enjoy and appreciate. I told Beowulf when he started this with me and Dream Taker later when she came on board that I am not the draw for Beyond the Veil. They have been, are, and will be into the future.

So what the hell does the comic need me for? Good question. As talented as Beowulf and Dream Taker are, either one of them could have put together a comic on their own and it would have been very popular, so why didn’t they?

If you’ve been reading web comics for a while you’ll realize that there are some VERY talented artists out there doing them. Some of them have some pretty decent storylines, and are very popular. Others have… crap storylines, but people still follow them because they have pretty pictures. That latter category of comic pisses me off. There are also some comics out there with very mediocre art that have really good followings as well because they have (at least) a decent story, sometimes a good story, very rarely a great story.

I hate those comics too.

I hate that second category of comic because I think the really good stories should either be written as short stories or novels, or be drawn by talent that can equal the quality of the tale itself.

That explains my presence here in part. I am here to supply a solid foundation for the artwork; to ensure that people don’t just come back week after week to marvel at the pretty pictures.

The scripting should be tight, grammatically correct, and the plot should have small caliber holes if any at all, not the big shotgun blast holes that make you really ashamed of yourself for loading the latest page. I want to make the story invisible. I want to make it so seamless that you never have to stop and wonder what the hell someone is talking about, or who they’re talking to, or why the hell they’re talking at all.

When you read a good book that’s how it is. You get the story as an image in your mind that unfolds in a way that inspires and uplifts, and when you put the book down, you might not remember any given line, but you remember the image it gave you and cherish that.

I want to make sure that you can cherish these images. I want the story to come alive for you without anything to break the flow. That’s why I’m here.

That and to tell silly jokes every so often. I’m only human.