Nicodemus Aurelius

aka Nikki

Female Rat
White fur
Green eyes
Years since birth: 721
Experiential Years: 419
Nicodemus Aurelius was the third emperor of an empire spanning systems in three galaxies. Overthrown by a one-time regional governor of uncommon brilliance named Uriel, Nicodemus was slain three hundred two years before the present date.
Resurrected by a World Defense Supercomputer named Zeeal that survived the technology purge following Uriel’s successful insurrection, Nicodemus Aurelius now finds himself inhabiting the body of a young female explorer captured by Zeeal after she and her cadre inadvertently penetrated the cavern complex housing the supercomputer’s core.
Born to rule, once resurrected Nicodemus Aurelius never flinched from the daunting task of reclaiming his empire. Choosing to remain in the body of a female for reasons of his own, he has chosen to go by the name Nikki and henceforth any pronoun confusion will be dispensed with by referring to Nikki as a female.

Joshua Haze

aka General Haze / Lord Joshua

Male Jackal
Dark Gray fur
Red eyes
Joshua was the Supreme Commander of Nicodemus Aurelius’ military forces. As a young man he rose through the ranks quickly, gaining a reputation for ruthless ingenuity a strange quirk; he refused to carry any kind of weapon outside a training scenario. A brilliant general and tactician, General Haze had never lost a military encounter of any kind… until Uriel.
Now resurrected, Joshua’s formerly unshakeable confidence is a shadow of what it once was. With unquestioning loyalty to his emperor and a deep and abiding thirst for vengeance, General Haze will destroy worlds to see his Emperor restored to power and his enemy vanquished



General Brogan Hayman

aka Brogan

Male Grizzly Bear
7′ 6″
Green eyes
Brown fur
While lacking the genius of some of his peers, General Hayman’s outstanding courage, loyalty, presence, and ability to carry through on his orders enabled him to rise through the ranks. An able combatant in both high and low tech scenarios, Hayman prefers to wade into combat with two handed weapons only he has the strength to wield. He does not duel so much as smash his way through the opposition.
Brogan and Dualen knew each other well as the latter often ferried the General to his various engagements. The two were once friends but unlike Dualen, Brogan was never bothered by his emperor’s perceived instability and very real cruelty. Sacrifices must be made to become a successful leader.


Pronounced: Bullˈvī
aka “The Sword Saint” / “Primus Bulwyf”

Male Wolverine
Red eyes
Brown fur
Shortly after the Divine Asta’s ascension, Bul’wyf defied the will of the Gods and began a war to capture the Holy City. Asta allowed the conflict to rage until it became clear that the mortal forces at her command were insufficient to quell the insurrection. Asta then took it upon herself to visit Bul’wyf in his camp and what happened between the two is a matter of much speculation. Bul’wyf subsequently pledged his allegiance to Asta and was named Primus of the Divine Protectorate. Also called the Sword Saint, his skill with his blade is legend.
Known to be a sound tactician and competent leader of men, the Primus has found his greatest success in knowing who among those who serve him is best suited to any given task. Relentless in the pursuit of those who oppose the Divine, he has Divine Asta’s supreme confidence and trust.



Benjamin Gray

aka Ben

Male Retriever
Green eyes
Rust / Cream fur
Benjamin Gray began life in the streets of the Holy City as one of innumerable discarded children. Adopted as a brother by Halaster Crowley, the two managed to survive together through a combination of Halaster’s brilliance and Ben’s speed. Eventually Ben attracted the attention of Dualen McPher after the boy managed to keep up with Dualen during a morning run. Dualen recognized the potential in the two boys and adopted both as his sons.
A superlative runner, Benjamin Gray was partially blinded as a child and was only accepted into military training on the insistence of his strangely influential guardian. Ben is defined by his drive to protect his family, but the loss of his eye has convinced him that fate has spared no greatness for him. With the moral codes instilled by his adopted father standing in stark opposition to his nihilistic streak – born of the belief that his life is of little worth and may be cheaply spent – Benjamin Gray has the capacity for both great good, and grave harm.
His attachment to Dualen McPher has garnered him the attention of great powers, and the direction his life takes may determine the fates of worlds far beyond his own.




Haley Rykin

Female Impala
Brown / White fur
Amber eyes
Haley Rykin faced a terrible prospect growing up: boredom.  She alone out of several children did not see a future in engineering, science, or government as being worthwhile.  Her parents held out hope that their daughter would see reason… until Haley discovered “Jumping.”
Live, and you either went broke or became wealthy enough to buy eternity.  Die, and well… there are more interesting ways for a Jumper to die than there is room for description.  Either way, Haley determined that she would find her future amidst unknown stars.  The Osprey was her parent’s last gift to their wayward daughter.  (Hey, not every adventurer comes from a broken home all right?)
Her dedication to the craft included physical modifications as well as implants to better control Osprey, but low grade AI make poor company and she has been alone long enough.  Now, just when it seemed like all the hard work had paid off…

Anton Briggs

aka Briggs / “Fluffy”

Male Fox
Red / White fur
Blue eyes
Anton Briggs is older than he looks.  Far older.  Born during the last ten years of Nicodemus Aurelius’ reign, he and his family survived the purge of loyalists following the Titan’s random jump into the unknown.  Born into a wealthy family who would become founding members of the Resurrectionist cult, Anton Briggs joined the cult himself when he learned his parents had been discovered, incarcerated, and subsequently executed for treason by agents of Uriel’s government.
A brilliant engineer, Briggs managed to craft a new identity and lived happily for over two hundred years, making enough to keep an apparent age of thirty before government investigators began to close in, relentless in their pursuit of Resurrectionists.  Accepting a job as Haley Rykin’s ship engineer kept him away from prying eyes, but anonymity and uncertainty do not come without cost, and Anton Briggs has lost much in his efforts to evade the agents of the empire…



Nail Summers

aka “Meathead”

Male Badger
Black / White fur
Brown eyes
Nail Summers was born a rebel without a cause.  The life of ease, peace and tranquility that is the birthright of all fortunate enough to be born among the stars seemed – to Nail – terribly unfair.  He joined the Imperial army and trained as infantry, but failed to make the cut for the special cadre of troops occasionally used by Uriel as Divine Soldiers when things get out of hand on the lower worlds.  Subsequently thrown out of the military and then jailed repeatedly for minor offenses, brawling, and drinking, Nail finally caught a break when Haley offered him a job handling the rough jobs and heavy lifting on the Osprey.  Jumpers were known to be a rough crowd, and Nail Summers fit right in.